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Whether you were arrested for driving under the influence or you need to obtain a protection order, you can turn to Knifer Law in Montrose, CO for the legal help you need. Cody Knifer is an experienced defense attorney who has helped countless clients enter the courtroom with confidence, so you'll feel at ease with him in your corner. Cody Knifer offer DUI attorney services, DWAI attorney services, traffic ticket attorney services, restraining order services & more.

About Me

I was born and raised in Montrose and graduated from Montrose High School. I attended Colorado Mesa University and obtained a bachelor's in criminal justice. Then I went to the University of Wyoming for law school.

I work hard to provide my clients with personalized service. They will not be pushed off to a secretary or a paralegal and will have my personal cell phone number for questions and issues.

Focusing on criminal law

Finding the right attorney to represent you doesn't have to be a full-time job. Work with Cody Knifer to make sure your case is heard and tried fairly. Our experienced defense attorney offers...

  • DUI attorney services
  • DWAI attorney services
  • Traffic ticket attorney services
  • Restraining order services
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Don't rely on a public defender to put your best interests first. Turn to the experienced defense attorney at Knifer Law. You'll feel confident working with Knifer because...

Cody Knifer has almost a decade of experience in the courtroom

Cody Knifer meets with each client one-on-one

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